JoJo Blue

JoJo Blue is all about You

An eclectic mix of new clothing, bags, jewellery & accessories that mirror

your personality & make you smile.


In a world where we are expected to conform, you are encouraged to have a voice, make your own choices & be guided by others rather than be dictated to.

JoJo Blue Open Again

Imagine being able to actually shop, how exciting!

It's time to get your roots done, paint your nails and discard that bobbly jumper that has seen better days. As restrictions ease, it's time to lift your spirits, treat yourself to something new, start to feel more like you again. 

With a shop full of gorgeous colours and styles, it's easy. Every item has been personally chosen to make you smile and be ready to take on the world, whatever it may throw at you.

At JoJo Blue, you can shop safely, with free parking away from the crowds.

As a small independent retailer, we really appreciate every customer and really do cheer inside and dance a little jig every time you purchase from us, share a post on social media or tell a friend. 

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JoJo Blue

4a Eves Corner




Opening Times: 10am until 4pm 

Tuesday to Saturday

Closed Sunday & Monday

Covid 19

Please ensure when you are visiting that you wear a mask and sanitise your hands as per government guidelines.

You may try clothes on, all clothes will be steamed before returning to the shop floor. You will also be asked to maintain a safe distance from staff members and other customers.


Please be careful and stay safe.


+44 (0) 7577 005929

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